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rthur Lawrence pretty we

ject ▓that Mr.Wolcott had twice repeated a question● before he heard it. Do you know if● Mr.Lawrence is out of town▓ No, he is here. He said Sunday he w●ould bring me some new cigars the next

time he ▓came.I thought he might come last night▓, but he didn't.For that matter▓, Edith wasn't at home last night.Maybe ▓he knew she wouldn't be.But sh●e didn't tel


ll, do▓n't

l me she was going to● be out. Indeed N●o, she didn't.But I found it out.Even if m●y own ey

es are not as young as the▓y were, I can see things that are● right un


you Lyon asked abruptly.
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der my nose.Edith said she

T▓he old gentleman chuckled.O●h yes, I don't have much
Image description

had a head▓ache and would have

chance to forget Mr.L▓awrence.Of course it isn't me that
Image description

to go to her room in▓stead of

he c●omes to see, but still he's very civ●il to the old
Image description

playing cribbage with me.S

grandfather! A d●eal more civil than Mr.Fulle▓rton ever
Image description

o I had ▓to play solitaire, and I d

was, by the same token.Ed▓ith was well off with that old
Image description

on't like to play ●solitaire of

love before● she was on with the new. Lyon was ▓cert
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ainly getting more than he h
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an evening.When I ●was you

ad● expected.There wa s not much m
Image description

ng the evening was always t▓he

●ystery n ow about the
Image description

time for society, and I'm not▓ so o

significanc▓e of Fullerton's slur on Law
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